Should getting back with an ex be difficult?

I was wondering, is getting back together with an ex after almost a year of not speaking suppose to be smooth. Is it suppose to be like dating anyone else? Does the "you either feel it or you don't rule apply to an ex or should you let time pass and give those feelings and emotions a chance to come back? What do people think?


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  • Its definitely not suppose to be easy. Its not a new relationship, its an old relationship with old feelings and hurt coming back up to surface. I think that if you haven't missed them since or can live without them then you should just leave it be. An ex is an ex for a reason, give someone else a chance unless you really want to make things work with them and they're willing to work for that as well. Its definitely something that will take a lot of effort and time on BOTH parts. I'm assuming that you have issues you both need to work on together so I suggest you don't jump into anything right away and just take baby steps towards it.

    • Thanks, I ask because my ex and I decided that we wanted to work things out. We hung out about six times in the span of a month. It was not the same, we were both looking for something and felt that something was missing. I'm not sure if that was enough time to really try to work things out. It was hard but I'm not sure if that is normal. Are we suppose to automatically feel the same things. Thoughts?

    • If you feel like something is missing then somethings missing and usually isn't going to develop especially if you both feel that way regardless of how much time you guys took. There's really not a right amount of time, if you feel like you both tried to make things work but that there was something missing for both of you then chances are it just wasn't meant to be.

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  • give it chance to comeback. go for it.


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  • Eh, I always say that there's a reason the people from my past never made it to my future.

    I don't like repeating myself...

    But you know, if you were really in love maybe it's worth another go. I mean, the question remains, what made you break up? And is it likely to happen again?


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