Does the season changing reminds you of the good times?

I've never been one to really care when summer starts or when the holiday are here, but for some reason, after my breakup, when a new season starts, my heart aches. It makes me remind all the times that we drove around in the rain or when I'm cold he offers his jacket or him telling me that his parents and family are planning on getting me gifts and we should buy them something together. How do I cope with this?

Long story short: I broke up with him because I can tell he didn't want to be in a relationship with me. We were living together. This happened almost 6 months ago and we haven't really spoke or met up because my plan is to get over him and not allow him to hurt me anymore.


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  • I find that I'm more depressed around this time of year. not sure why but it's possible that most of my relationships end around fall or autumn.

    if you have made your decision to move on then stick to it. I'm almost in the same boat, also getting over a guy as well

  • Yes yes yes... So many great memories in the fall time, too bad its all gone...


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