Does it take time for a broken heart to heal?

does it take time for a broken heart to heal? up until know I'm still sad even though its been 3 months , I'm doing good in school but really no one knows how torn I am, should I talk to him even though he broke my heart? or should I leave it alone for good and wait for someone who would love me? some people tell me if you really love something wait for it, but its painful.. is he just a guy? is he not worth it?


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  • my daughter was torn up over her break up with her guy after they were together for 8 months. he did the breaking up and left her was really sad to watch and she got stronger over the summer but when she went back to school and had to see him everyday again it was like starting all over until she got used to him being around(which took a month or two). trying to be friends with him made it worse and it hurt her because he wasn't telling her he loved her and he wasn't being sweet like he was when they were a couple so to her it was like he was a different person and she didn't even know him anymore. Staying away from him, not talking to him, being angry with him for how he threw her away all gave her strength to start moving on...she had to deal in reality instead of a romantic fantasy of what 'they were' to each other. clearly since he walked away without a look back that fantasy wasn't reality at all and she had to learn to live in her new reality where he's an ass who doesn't really know what love means and she's better off without him.

    it took about 6 months and honestly it's still a work in progress some days depending on how she's feeling about other things going on in her life or how he looked at her that day.

    Good luck


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  • The length of heartache depends on a few factors. How long the relationship was, how intense the feeling of love, how many reminders there are of said person, and what your actions are during recovery.

    I removed all my ex's things and got pissed at her but it still took me 3 months to get over her. Couldn't eat which is rare for me and I also got closure when I hugged her and felt nothing.

    So I'd suggest you take all the items that remind you of him and put it in a box and hide it somewhere. Resist the urge to look through it. Even if you were the one to cause the breakup, get mad at them. You sound like a wonderful woman and deserve better (and keep saying that to yourself).

    Find something you are passionate about and make it your life. If you are distracted with work or a hobby you tend to not think of other things. You will get that glow about you again and soon you will realize that you will love again. Ultimately the relationship wasn't meant to be. There is someone who is perfect out there for you just waiting to meet you.

    • in fact, I agree with you in that the length of heartache depends on a few factors.

  • Yes, it takes time. It depends on how much you were connected to them. The longest it ever took me was a little over a year. It sucked. =(


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  • just learn from the mistakes and move on.


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