Everyone keeps telling me that just breaking contact with him will be the easiest way to do it?

I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year and now it's time to end it, I only saw him once a week IF I was lucky, I have yet to meet any of his family or friends (including his eight year old daughter, not even as "friend" status) and he would completely ignore me for days on end if he had had a bad week rather than call me and tell me about what was going on in his life. I just don't think he really wants a relationship. He even cut his finger at work and went to the hospital for it and only mentioned it to me in passing saying that it was just "life". It may be life, but the way I look at it you can either go it alone, or share it with someone, He apparently wants to go it alone, He kept saying how much he cared about me, but he rarely ever showed it.

So I want to end things. I decided this about 3 weeks ago when he ignored me for an entire week (no texts or anything) and I had already told him I didn't like to be left out so we've had this conversation already. When he finally did call I told him I wanted to talk to him in person and he said okay. A week went by and he still couldn't find the time to come over so we could talk. It was either work or roofing jobs in the daytime and he couldn't leave his daughter at home at ngiht to come over (he lives with his parents so I thought he could ask them to keep an eye on her after she had gone to bed for just a little while!) Well, I have tried and tried to do this the "right" way and not through a text or a phone call, but he's not giving me any other option. I'm pretty sure he knows what I want to do. I haven't spoken to him in a week now because I got angry with him the last time we talked on the phone and he hasn't bothered to call me either.

Everyone keeps telling me that just breaking contact with him like we've been doing will be the easiest way to do it and that he deserves it for the way he's treated me, but it is still eating away at me and I don't know why. I guess it's like a closure thing. I really wanted to talk in person about everything. Also, I still have some of his stuff. He hasn't asked for it back, but I don't want it at the house reminding me of him. At this point should I just drop his stuff off one day at his house or work and continue no contact (and just try to deal with it) or call him one more time and tell him straight up that it's over and does he want his stuff? I've tried to be courteous and despite the way I was treated, I can't bring myself to be a b*tch...it's just not my nature. Sorry about the long-winded question, but I wanted to give background.


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  • Drop his stuff at the front door and don't look back. A man, no a boy who treats a woman like that is trash. You don't need it. You will find someone that will want to be with you and not leave you out of his life so much. Seems like he just keeps you around when its convenient for him. Leave him in the dust and don't talk to him anymore, he will see how it feels to be treated like a piece of trash.

  • You seem like a smart girl so I'm sure you'll understand. What you are doing really is the best thing for YOU and that who you need to put first. Anxiety will pass and the closure will cone in time. Who knows, maybe you turning the tables and ignoring him will wake him up.


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