Not sure of what to make of this ex-boyfriend situation?

I visited my best friend at his college and my ex is our mutual best friend (he also goes there.) We hung out a concert the night before and he spent the entire night with me, hugging me from behind, kissing me on the cheek and holding my hand.

When I got to his school the next day, my best friend showed me around but then my ex and I decided we wanted to watch the football game, so we left together. During that time, he was talking to me the entire time and fooling around with me and making me laugh. Then, he bought me dinner and we hung out all night. We were at a party and he stayed with me the whole time instead of going with his friends to a bar. He kept tickling me and kissing me on the cheek or on the lips and he lent me his jacket and he let me stay in his room for the night when our best friend decided to have a bunch of people in his room.

He bought me breakfast in the morning after cuddling with me for awhile and everything and he said he was glad I came and that he had fun. He walked me around his campus and he walked me to the bus stop to leave.

When I got stuck at the bus stop, he helped me find another bus ticket and wanted me to make sure I told him how I got back to school.

What would you think if this were you?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Why did the relationship end? Who ended the relationship? How long ago did the relationship end?

    • Long distance. He did. We broke up officially about a year ago, but we got back togetherish after 8 months and then decided not to be together during college since we're still long distance. I went to visit and that happened.

What Girls Said 1

  • long distance is always hard and I think a lot of people break off relationships cause they don't believe they could handle it or that it will work. so he might still have had some left over feelings for you. did you guys have any sort of closure? or did you break up when you were already separated by distance? that or he just missed the idea of you, having someone to hold and have that kind of fun with.


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