Why is he going back and forth so much? Why would he assume this? what is he trying to do?

my ex boyfriend told me that he wanted to help me with something I needed to do. so I debated about it for a few days and then decided to go for it and ask for his help (I want to get back together). he said he would but that he didn't think it was a good idea since we are kind of newly broken up. slightly confused, I said I agreed. later one of our mutual friends told me he had no idea why I asked him for help. I ended up doing it myself. the day I did it myself, he text messaged me and said, "hey I never heard from you so didn't help... how did it go?" I responded by saying "frustrating. thank you for asking." no response. why is he going back and forth so much? why would he expect that I would ask him again or tell him how it went when he is the one rejecting me? I'm thinking about saying something to him about it, but I don't want to start a fight or anything. he's confusing me and he knows I've wanted to get back together with him.


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  • This seems like a case of "I really like you, but I shouldn't". Your ex seems like he is still into you, and seems like he still cares for you as well. The problem is it seems he wants to have a clear mind before making any decisions concerning matters of the heart. You say you two have recently broken up, which leaves a lot of feelings still hanging out there. He keeps going back and forth because he does like you and wants to help you, but he doesn't want to lead you on until he is more certain about his emotions. I can't stress enough that communication is key. You had said that you didn't want to cause a fight, which is why you have to figure out your priorities; do you care more about having a stable relationship where you will feel confused because you don't speak your mind, or do want to fight for him because you want him back? That is really the main decision. On top of that, don't forget that there is a reason that you two broke up, and though right now it may seem difficult to see yourself without him, that there are other people out there, that could end up being a better match for you.


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