He basically said that he was absolutely done with her. Do you tell her? What can I do?

I have this girl friend who is one of my best friends. She is also the one girl I really like.

Basically, she is in love with this kid in my frat. He treats her like poop, yet she still crawls back to him. To try and put things into perspective, this summer: Her and this kid were hooking up and hanging out all summer. Two weeks into the semester and he all of a sudden stops talking to her completely. He just straight up ignores her for a few weeks. She tried so hard to get him to talk to her again but he just ignored every single conversation. I know so many girls who would say "screw him" and move on. This isn't the first, second, third, or even fourth time he has done this to her. Yet, for some reason he won't formally end things with her and she won't ever let go of him. She will always get knocked down and get back up and crawl back to him.

So one night, he called her and basically, very ambiguously, told her he didn't want her. She called me and cried into my arms for 3 hours.

I had been spending a ton of time with her leading up to this night, and I realized that the more I hung out with her, the more I liked her.

With that said, I overheard a conversation where the kid basically said that he was absolutely done with her. I know if I told her this, it would absolutely crush her. However, as her friend, I have always told her that I would definitely tell her if he had ever said anything about not wanting to be with her.

So... do I tell her? if so, how?


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  • Yes...u should tell her...one because she asked you to...two..she trustes u...and three...well just to be a good friend...u should just ell her that you over heared a conversation of his..saying that he didn't wanted her no more...


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