Gave an invite to my ex, and wondering if I should call or text?

A few weeks ago a guy I was dating and I got in some issues because of people talking stuff they shouldn't have and it got to be too much drama so he said we couldn't even be friends. Since then we randomly ran into each other twice and one of those times ended up with us talking things out and deciding to try to be friends and work through things.

talked to him a day ago and he didn't respond to my text so I called since I needed something he had. He answered and talked for 5 minutes before saying someone was calling in, he was pleasant and said everything was still good etc. and we could hangout soon when his schedule cleared. However I felt rushed and told him that and he didn't even say by just for me to be calm and then he switched over to his friend.

I wrote him a text saying that the friendship is up to him but it takes 2 people to build back up since we were good friends before anything and would hate to lose that. Then I followed it up with an invite to a very important event happening in my life and said as a friend id appreciate it if he could make it. He didn't reply to either. My question is should I invite him over the phone closer to the event (in 2 weeks) or leave it at the text. He sometimes just deletes texts too, so not sure. he's the one saying he wants to be friends but then he gets awkward, normal, awkward, disappears and normal again and all I want is things normal. Any advice on if I should text or call closer to the event and just send the time of the event maybe?



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  • Geeze just go to his room drop your pants and f*** his brains out. After that he will either forget you or come back for more. Simple as that.

  • Send him a love letter sealed with a kiss.


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