Ex left and cut off contact without telling me?

My ex left our shared home and life to travel for a few months. When he left, he said he loved me and would be back. He did not contact me unless I contacted him and when I asked him why, he refused to answer so I broke up with him. Why would someone do this? I have asked him to let me know it is over for him. I have asked him to tell me he does not love me but he still does not answer this question.


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  • I understand how you feel though, you just are confused and want answers because you feel it seems so weird and strange and probably think its out of character and the only way you can feel you can move on is with some sort of answer.

    Now I could give a few answers, i.e he's a wimp who couldn't face you, he can't be honest with you or himself and that's the problem, but sadly you probably feel you need the answers from him because he is the only one who can truly tell you.

    Well I hate to say it, but even if you get an answer from him, he could still be unsure/not 100% honest if you did. I'm guessing he had insecurities and problems with himself and it would be a good Idea to look at how he was during the relationship in order to understand his actions and why he left. The way he acted during the relationship may reveal things about his character which might give you a good indication as to why he acted the way he did.

    Hope that helps

    • Thankyou. In many ways your understanding seems spot on for he definitely had some insecurities I could not understand. He seemed demanding in that he thought I didn't have enough time or thought for him and yet that was from being the reality for I gave all I could. He meant the world to me.

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  • Once you decided to break up with him, he was under no obligation to answer any question you cared to ask.


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  • If you doubt a man's character and his feelings for you, forget him. It seems to me he left because he's not interested in you, sorry to be so blunted. If he still likes you and wants to take it further, he would initiated any contacts, wouldn't you agree?

    It's time to let go of him.


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