By the sound of this message does it sound like he wants to get back together (it's getting kinda annoying)?

So an old lover of mine had a conversation that kinda looks like this, after I ignored two of his friend requests and he left his goody two shoes girlfriend. It kinda went like this:

HIM:Hey, Text me some time. I wanna see how you're doing and what all you have been up to. I'm stuck at UNCC and I'm going bat sh*t crazy. 3363452589 if you don't have my number still; would love to hear from you.

ME: what's the deal you're the one that started avoiding me? and now all of a sudden you wanna talk? What the hell happened ! ( I haven't talked to that mother f***er since March!)

HIM: I told you that when we broke up, that we needed to spend time apart afterward in order to kinda make it actually happen. If we had continued to just spend time together, it wouldn't have worked. That's why, sorry about that by the way.

So yeah I'm at a loss of words kind of moment and don't really don't know what the f*** he is thinking. I'm like wtf dude and holly sh*t is he for real !

( Grr I didn't put this in sexuality !)


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  • I am not sure how it could sound more real... O:O


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  • He's probably for real, but it's a horrible faux-pas to put the guys phone number on the internet.


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