Should I get involved in boyfriend's ex affairs?

I am dating someone who has an ex of 13 years. They are broken up and have been for over a year. She moved out of state and has now returned to find out me and him are dating. They have a 13 year old son together. I like her and in the future would love to hang out together, but recently she has been trying to get back with my now current boyfriend. It all started with him asking her to not text him random things, but to only text when it pertains to their son ie: pick ups /drop offs, school issues. This upset her. When she comes to pick up their son from his house they get into arguments, because she wants to give it another shot and he doesn't. The last altercation she hit him and her son had to pull her off of him. My boyfriend is not violent nor would he hit her back. This is the 3rd time she has hit him in anger of the past. My boyfriend has full custody of their son and she has visitation, although he never tells her no if his son or her want to see each other. My boyfriend has helped her fix her car, give her money for gas etc because she hasn't had a job in over a year and when his son goes to visit they just sit at home because she has no money to take him out to places. I used to have a problem with this, but reminded myself they have had 13 years and I have only had 1 1/2 with him. My question is, how far should I stay out of this if she is continually hitting him. I am not threatened by her and would like us all to get along. But this doesn't seem to be happening. Instead (slightly embarrassed by this) I am getting angry that she keeps hitting or attacking my boyfriend as if it is okay. I look at it as he is now my guy and no woman, even after a 13 year history should be able to hit him. Am I overstepping my boundaries? from their 13 year history?


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  • Wow. I would just get him to make her pick up and drop off there child at a 3rd party where they don't have to meet if someone lives near by. Or have you answer the door while he sits in another room or something and don't get close to her. Short of a restraining order there is nothing you should do.

    Its a tough situation with child involved. Because, for you to get in the middle could be bad thing for the relationship and the child. If there wasn't a child I would say swing away but, with a child I say be the better person.

    Good Luck.


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