Why would an ex answer the phone just to lie?

Here's the deal my ex and I said we would be friends etc. He then tells me that he is busy this week and not going to be around but is pleasant enough when I'm on the phone with him. Later that evening I end up getting in a sticky situation and so start looking for someone that is around the city to help me out. I at first text everyone in my phone book and one of my friends gets back to me that she's not around but she saw that he is mayebe 15 minutes away according to something her friend (they are mutual friends posted on twitter), so I call him.

He answers after the 3rd ring and I ask him if he's local and he says no. I tell him the problem and normally he'd offer a suggestion but all he said was I don't know what to tell you. I then realized that it sounded like he had been drinking (he doesn't drink) and he repeated he's out of town. I apologized for calling him and said I wouldn't have if I hadn't heard he was local. He then got very quiet... and when I repeated it he said he needed to go. So then I asked him why he would lie to me over it, just say hey I can't help you instead of making up stories if were gonna remain friends. He got very hurried and said he had to get off the phone and hung up.

My question why even answer the phone if he didn't want to hear from me? Why lie? It could have been a lot easier if he just said I don't want to help you or if he hadn't picked up the phone. Can anyone give me some clarity on this?

In addition I texted him to let him know that I'm not sure who he is anymore because honestly even with other exes he use to be pleasant enough and help and now he's acting like something his is not.


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  • best way is to give him space:) seems like you still like him..let him be for a while


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