I asked my ex out?

to coffee I texted her last night and she responded back in 4 min and said sure that would be fine. my question is and I'm being brutally honest here, is what signs do I look for to know its a green light to get some ex sex from her? not looking to get back w here just get some. we haven't seen one another for almost 2 yrs, we were together for 3 yrs. I'm gonna be in her town on Friday. she wanted to get coffee w me like 4 months ago but I cancelled.


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What Girls Said 1

  • So you want to possibly lead her on and make her think that there's a chance for you two to get back together and ultimately end up hurting her in the end just because you're horny? Grow some balls, mature up and find someone new that you won't be using just for sex.

    • Oh shutup! I didn't ask for a lecture mom! Give me helpful advice or don't tosser!

    • Yea its hard for some people to face the truth.

What Guys Said 1

  • Well, you should know her, is she the type of gal to go for that? I have to admit I'm not sure if my ex would but I don't have the nerve to go there anyway.


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