Her ex shows up...would you want her to tell you?

I dated this guys for 5 years about 4 years ago. I am completely over him. I am now 26 years old and in a very happy relationship. We have been dating for a year now and like all couples we have our bickering sessions.Anyways my ex has recently been contacting me. I told him I'm happy and he says he messed up by letting me go. In order to ease his guilt I told him it was fine and that it was a learning experience. He said that he wants me back...Should I tell by bf? Would you want your girlfriend to tell u? He is adamant about getting back together and said he will come to my house to talk to me I told him to stay away but he says he loves me and is willing to do what ever it takes. I told him no. He left me alone for a while but I'm afraid he will show up out of the blue when my boyfriend is at my house.


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  • The same thing happened to me. When my ex tried to get back together with me, I told my boyfriend straight away because getting back together with my ex was & is never an option. He was pissed off that my ex contacted me again but I explained to my boyfriend that I told the ex that I was happy and that I will never get back together with him. I was upset as well that this ex was rocking the boat so you know what I did? I sent him a final message insisting that I will NEVER change my mind and changed my number. Deleted him from everything as well. We don't have any mutual friends so deleting him completely was easy. I'm not saying this is what you should do, but it worked for me.


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