She said we could start over after a break up?

My girlfriend and I broke up about a month ago and she has said something along the lines of we could get back together but we may have to start over. Hopefully from a ladies pov, What does it mean exactly and how do we go about starting fresh?


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  • it means learning from the mistakes and learning why you guys broke up and not doing those things again

    • Thank you.

      So do you think after a month she is still wanting to learn from our mistakes and work things out? The breakup wasn't bad, we have been communicating since (at work, and not about work stuff). I'm just worried about how to approach it moving forward. A month seems like a crazy long time.

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  • most time when someone says start fresh they mean letting go an seeing if you can work things out once time has past don't call her for a while shell chase believe me

    • I've been trying, there has been very little contact for almost the whole month. I don't get the letting go to see if you can work it out. hmm. You really think she will come back?

    • by letting go meaning talk to other people go out have fun don't seem desperate to make the relationship work act to busy at times she will wonder why you don't have time for her my model is every ex comes back usually when you least expect it people want to start fresh when they get over the past so when she's starts to come back aways have something interesting going on even if you don't even act to be surrounded by people get a pretend new female friend that you refer to as your best friend

  • Don't screw up and everything will be good lol

    Start fresh by taking her on dates and showing her why she fell in love with you to begin with.

    • Thanks for the reply.

      The trick would be getting her to go out with me. :)

      I've asked one time about a week ago to go get some lunch or something and she was busy.

    • Don't give up! Get some flowers and ask her out! Ohhhh that would be so sweet :D

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  • Hard to say exactly what she means not knowing her but I would say at the very least you should try and increase the amount communication between you. And starting fresh shouldn't mean you can't discuss the cause of your break up. That's where I would start.

    • Thanks,

      As for talking about the break up, I think that needs to be addressed. Question is when should I bring it up. I hope she isn't saying this so we don't have to talk about it. I think talking about it is the only way to improve our relationship later on. As far as communication, we get to talk pretty regularly (we work together a few days a week), but outside of work there is almost no communication. Confusing ya know.

  • It means that she wasn't beeing herself at that time and want's to give it another chance now she had time to sort things out.


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