Texting with an good old male friend/my ex although boyfriend doesn't like it?

my ex and I are still good friends and my ex and my new are also

good friends and I like texting with my ex but my boyfriend doesn't like

me to do that. would it be okay regardless?


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What Guys Said 1

  • no...would you like it if he texted his ex?

    youre in a relationship, your PAST relationships need to go away if he is uncomfortable with it...respect him,

    until he sees or you prove to him that there will NEVER be anything btwn you and your ex again and he can agree with that then it will be OK but until then no...

    btw this is pointing out other concerns for you here - trust...you may need to start working on that


What Girls Said 1

  • No honey if you want to keep your current boyfriend...u don't do that...u gotta make some sacrafises for your boyfriebd ...he don't luke you texting your ex...well don't text him...simple as that...and trust me...all guys wouldn't be OK you texting your ex...


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