Our daughter is due on November 2nd and I've just found out boyfriend cheated, advice?

I don't know how to handle this situation at all.We've been together 3 years.Should I confront him?Is it best to leave?Any and all advice is gratefully received right now


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  • Oh, sweetie I understand your confusion, mixed emotions and all that. This happened to me also, I was pregnant to. I will not tell you what to do because you and I plus everyone else is different. So, going back three years ago when I found out my live in boyfriend was cheating, we were together for four years. Anyways, this is what I would of done 1. Pretend I didn't know, and put up a normal act like how he was doing for a year. Reasons; to have my unborn, take advantage of having my own place, I had quite my job so, to get my job back or a job period, to get myself in back to normal shape and health, and just be mentally prepared for how I should / wanted to handle that situation. So, that's what I should of done! Take full advantage of him, like how he was taking advantage of my feelings, and everything I did for him. I would pretend like I didn't know, had my child, got back in health shape wise, found myself a good job then I would of left him. Cheating on your spouse is the lowest thing a person can do. I know we weren't married but, we've had been living together for three years and had planned out a pretty life together but, he was cheating on me? Pretty sick. I've struggled and I am still just trying to make it on my own with my two children. I wouldn't want you nor another women to endure what I have! But, as soon as I found out I left and decided to make it on my own, yes its made me strong, wiser and more independent but, I stuggled so much and endured a lot from what life has thrown at me. That I sometimes I think wow, I could of done that to save myself and my children some very rough on the heart days and nights. I truly wish you the best and that you do what you think its correct for you and your baby soon.

    • You know taking advantage of him until I'm back on my feet really sounds like a good plan.Then hopefully I should be able to make a good life for my daughter and myself

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  • Confront and leave...but whatever you do don't use your daughter against him. She has nothing to do with it, she needs her daddy. You don't deserve that in a relationship,

  • Confront him first and then ask him the reason he cheated. I noticed men tend to cheat on women who are pregnant, even though they say "I won't cheat on you no matter how you will look", its all bull if you ask me.

    Then once you've found out the reason why he cheated, you decide what you want to do. No one on here can you really tell you what to do, only you can.

    Good Luck.

  • I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you. This happened to a co-worker of mine, their son was a few months old and she found out that her husband knocked up his lover. That is how she found out. She was the nicest lady, we all felt so bad. Anyway, she packed up all her stuff and moved out that day and never went back. They worked out a custody deal and she is doing very well now. Not saying this is the right move for you but sometimes hearing about someone else's story helps us to deal. Only you can know what is right, but choose what is right for your daughter first then what is right for you.

    Side note my father was a cheater and it messed me up but my father cheated lots, it wasn't a one time thing he was shameless and now he can't figure out why I would rather be single then take a chance on any man.

  • If I were you, I would be forgiving. You are in a very stressful situation. He is in a very stressful situation. He blew off some steam. It doesn't mean he loves you less. It might mean that he is immature.

    If you leave, he will still have a right to visitation of his child. Do you really want to handle being friends with this other woman he is seeing, so that the two of you can raise your child together? Or, worse, do you want to become enemies with her and have her take it out on your child... telling your child that his/her mommy is horrible.

    If he is an otherwise OK guy to be around, I would work on your relationship.

    If you do leave, your life will carry on, and you will be OK. So will your child. It is easier on children if they never have a memory of mommy and daddy being together. I left, and six years later, I am getting married to a wonderful man that cares about me in a way that my ex never did.


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