He asked me if he was the best I've ever had?

Why would a man ask that question? and out of no where?


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  • well while it sounds as though he's certainly concearned with his ego...ive asked this question before lmao, he may be genuinly interested in your opinion. He may want to be the best youve had. maybe he has confidence issues in the bedroom...but be careful. the way you answer this question will have a huge impact...i would avoid answering if at all possible lol. if you say he is, then his head will just get bigger and probably more like an a**hole to you. if you say no, he'll probably take that is he isn't good enough for you... its like a girl asking me is she the best kisser I've ever been with. I answered the question with, my ex was the best, but your good too...bad answer. you almost have to tell them what they want to hear, cause lets face it, people don't want honest opinions about their sexual lives.

    • hahaha true true. I said that he was and he asked me why. I was completely dumbfounded. What should I say? He isn't the best but I def love him the most. And there's no way I'm telling' him he isn't

    • well just try and think back to something he did...a position, dirty talk, whatever he does...and tell him you like it when he does that...(you should really like it, cause if you tell him you do, he'll probably do it more haha) if I were you id tell him that he's the best at giving you oral...this is plays in your favor lol.

    • lmfao omg yesss your so smart I'm totally going to do that

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  • It's always about the ego when it comes to this question.

  • if he asked directly after sex then it's just his ego comming out. No other reason I don't think. lol

    • lol well he texted me that question while he's at work and I'm at work..wierd

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    • i wouldn't worry about that seeing as every1 is dfferent in the bedroom appartment.

      Anyway its not liek he said you werent his best was it?

    • yea your right

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  • does he know how many guys you've been with? sounds like he might be fishing around for a number

    • Ive told him a round about number and he said it was a lot (17). Yet he's been with 30+ girls. And since we live in a city where everyone knows everyone a lot of guys like me and he notices so I'm starting to think its self esteem

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