Why my ex cut me off then reveal herself?

lol okay I been doing me and stuff right, and I haven't been thinking about her like that, but I do still care you know.

so about the beginning of this year she changed her number and blocked me from face book, and she was going with some guy she supposedly stay with,

so I haven't talked to her in months but I went to a home coming game last Friday, I think she seen me but I didn't see her, so Monday comes and she un-blocked her self from me on face book, and I was like why she un-block me.. then she messages me on MySpace yesterday to a old message I wrote her in like March and I'm like why she doing all this for like don't you have a fiance'. so like why she unblocking and messaging me ?


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  • maybe she likes you still or maybe she wants to know how you been doing


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