How do you guys deal with the past?

So how do you guys deal with your past ?

These couple of weeks my past has been bothering me alot, even tho I was a child and didn't understand what was being done to me or what I was doing I still feel guilty


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  • Whatever happened to you, just know that you have to tell someone. You'll feel a lot better getting the past off of your chest and letting go. I'd suggest seeing a therapist, and keeping a journal of your thoughts.


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  • I have a pretty bad past myself, I wasn't abused or anything- like it sounds you were- I lost my virginity at 12, and have been with countless girls. My girl has only been with one guy- and that's me.

    I feel pretty guilty about it, because I'm this big ugly man whore- and she is this gorgeous, innocent, intelligent young lady who loves me with all her heart.

    She doesn't have a good past either. She was a suicidal teenager, with no friends, daddy issues, and lived in a complete hell until she moved out of her house at 20.

    We all have something tough in our past, and a lot of times it's hard to get past it. Just try to think of other happier things.


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