Ex and mixed signals, advice?

soooo, my ex and I started hanging out. After seeing him for the first time in about 6 months, he squeezed me so tight I felt his body shake, the second night, he got drunk and was holding me all night and touching my butt, he asked to hang out the next day but didn't go, so he was going to come see me at a park. The time after that, he told me he had a date when we were going to hang out, he had two girls there, he told me later that neither of them were his dates, so I don't know why he would even tell me that. every time we talk he invites me places and watches me all night when were around each other, I don't understand him at all, cause then well go weeks without talking! I feel like he doesn't want the committment right now but misses me, we were together almost 2 years.


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  • It's either he still has a thing for you and he doesn't know how to handle the situation when both of you met months after your breakup or he's just flirting with you.


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