Does ex want me back?

i think my ex wants me back and I know I want him back but I'm having a hard time working out what his words and actions mean, in the past 2 weeks since we broke up?

he broke it off but since has come into my work twice [ I work in a bar]

and he has texted me saying he will never get over me, he is depressed never desreved me and that I'm amazing.

hes also said that's really hard for him and he didn't end it becuase he didn't not like me

he ended it becuase I got a bit naggy and insecure and pushy to unhealthy point then he asked to see me, and spoke to me for a good 20 mintues before saying about catching up seeing what happens over time if I can change?

i went over Monday night, he said he would call me Wednesday its now Friday. I got impaitent and texted him thurs night how are you I'm still tired from early start on Tuesday. he replied straight away with "in bed, same stil tired". he has long eraly work starts this week I teted him late night.

why hasn't he called , do you think he wants to get backtogether. why is he taking so long?


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  • the guy loves you but he wants you to realize your mistakes so he took off for a bit

    i don't what your problems are but check yourself what could you have that upsets him... it can be anything from your insecurities to your over protection or just plain arguments


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