Will ex come back?

Okay, so this I probably pretty common but I ended up cheating on my boyfriend, I regret it and felt horrible!, I told him and expected him to dump me right then. He didn't. But after that he changed. He stopped confiding in me, talking to me. Then he starts grinding with a bunch of girls and drinking with a bunch of girls and gets pissed when I wasn't thrilled about it. I thought we had worked it out, he said he wasn't mad anymore but the next day he dumped me. So now he's lying to me. It was a "break" he said.

Right but then, I was late for my period. Told him, and he didn't care. He started bullying me for every little thing I did. Like ask one of his friends a question or tell his mom I was worried I was pregnant. He called me a whore, blah blah, when I told him his friends were wanting me to have sex with him. During all of this one of my friends was talking to him, and saying he was really suffering and all that.

To me it sounds like he didn't love me anymore, I'm in the process of moving on, but some people say he will come back. Do you think he will? I have so many people wanting to date me, that I don't think ill ever take him back but the fact he never asked what I found out with my prego test bugs me. I made a mistake, but he took everything to far. What's your opinion on this?


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  • You need to be fair and move on, he has been betrayed which has got to be the hardest thing to desal with as a bloke, and you have more to deal with now that's important, so make the split, if he wants to rekindle, he will come to you, but don't hurt him more than he has to be by throwing more problems in his face that he needs to deal with. wait until he deals with your betrayal first, and then speak about what issues are still about, but I don't see this as one of those happy endings sorry,x


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  • Why would he care about you after you showed him you don't care about him by cheating on him. You probably don't imagine how bad it is if the one you love cheats on you, that isn't something you just forget and you'll face the consequences by doing it. Move on, you made him feel horrible and if he ever wants you again he will contact you, don't even mind trying to get him back because you're the one who caused this.

  • There is a thin line between Hate and Love. As long there are strong emotions towards you, You still can win him back. You should worry when he is neutral and indifferent with you, that's when there is no emotions for you.

    To win you ex back is the same way to get over you ex. Just stop communication with him. He will eventually miss you try to work things out, just wait a month or two for him to contact you. This is a evil biological trick to win back your ex.

  • well that's what happens when you cheat


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