Ex says time heals all wounds. Well its been a year?

with my ex for a year he made mistakes that pushed me away inwhich I should have tried to work things out I went out with my ex after I broke it off with him to later find out I was expecting our son he was really hurt finding out but I wanted to make things work for the sake of our son an I have deep feelings for him as well he believes I cheated cause it was close to our breakup date he says time heals all wounds an doesn't want to come back right now cause hell accuse me all the time an I don't deserve that I really want to work things out for the sake of our 6month old son am I rushing him we do still accasionally do things together but I just thought it would only be for ffor a second chance


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  • you can't use that baby to get him back. it's not fair to him, the baby or you.

    • not using the baby to get him back but its only right that if we both still have feelings for each other then try to work things out having a child only gives you more of a push togive your all the second time around because we both took our first timetogether for granit

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