How to get over this girl besides those same cliche answers?

I'm frustrated. Like many people, I seem to be unable to go a day without thinking of my ex. And it sucks. I'm trying to move on, but it's difficult. No surprise there. I'm just wondering if there's any advice to help the moving on.

And I'm not talking about clearing messages, removing contacts from phone, deleting pictures, etc. Also I'm well into my studies and sports so those are activies I'm enjoying since they take my mind off her better. Not much time for other "activities". No interest in talking with other girls either.

Any real advice? Or for the uninterested in giving advice, is this just a matter of time?


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  • It is a matter of time. Nothing other than time is going to help and that's the cold hard facts. I have been through this and nothing helped. You have to take one day at a time and as the days go on, it will get easier and easier. Soon you will still think about her, but not obsessively like you are now and it will hurt less the more time goes on. The brain has a way of protecting you, feelings and emotions will fade. That is if you don't contact her, that will make it worse and prolong the hurt. If you really want to get over someone, you have to go no contact for a long time.

    • Yes I see. I'm still friends with her, but for my own sake I'll be not contacting for a while. It's weird situation since the break up happened a while ago. Then progress over some dates after. Then sudden distance. Thanks for advice though..

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  • Alright, let me just say, I know EXACTLY how you feel. This JUST happened to me, and trust me, it hurts. It sucks. But, just think about it, your life was good before you met her, right? Then you met her, and you felt like you can't go on without her? (thats how it was with my bf) anyways, its gonna suck right now. It will. I guarentee it. But I also promise that you will get over her, As long as you stick to your guns.

    Sorry, that part didn't really answer your question. So, ill do the best I can to try and answer it.

    I would go out, and hang with friends. I don't think finding a new girl this soon will help, but you can try it. Sometimes, just laying down and listening to music helps (I know, it sounds like a load of crap, but I'm serious. Just try it, and see if it helps.)

    good luck buddy. I'm always here if you wanna talk. Message me!

    • I sent a friend request...thanks for the answer, helps out alot..

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  • To move on you need to get yourself out there, restart the process. Since you don't want cliche's I assume your chilling with friends and doing all the normal stuff everyone would suggest...

    well my friend the honest answer is..

    if you don't want to talk or date new people then you need to find god or an alcohol bottle.

    big part of moving on = new people

    Time is good of course but I'm not saying you need to jump into another relationship, get serious or even get intimate, having good female company around in general is good for moving on. One of the main things missed during a breakup is that feeling of chilling and talking with a girl.

    • That's really true about chilling with a girl, never realized it's helped much when I've just talked with one recently. Agree with the new people is a big part of moving on. Makes perfect sense. Thanks for your answer, will give these things a try.

    • good man hope it all works out for you bro

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