I am heartbroken about my first true love.

So here's the thing, I'm in DEEP love with this guy named Will. We've been best friends for years, and we've liked each other the whole time. He recently started dating another girl, and I was upset, but then I was fine. Today, just a few minutes ago, he texted me and said exactly this- "look, please just leave me alone. I can't be friends with you anymore. I know we loved each other before, but I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry. It's over. Please just don't talk to me anymore. Bye...</3". I am absulutely CRUSHED. I feel like my heart DIED. I seriously don't know if I can live without. He was my first TRUE love. I need him. Has anything like this ever happened to you? What did/ what would you do?! Thanks.

Love, the heartbroken fool


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  • well forget him then! you can't be friends with someone you like so his loss! what did he end up writing back?

    • No, he sent that text message to me.

      But thanks, your answer really did cheer me up(; I just miss him, and I can't stop thinking about our history</3

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    • Thankss. Ya know, your really nice.

    • thanks!

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  • i know its gonna be hard to forget him since you have a history with him but he obviousli doesn't want anything to do with you anymore, I don't think he should have said something like that just because hez datin someone :/ that's crappi.

  • Wow what a jerk! I wouldn't spend another minute talking to him. I hope you didn't text back. A real man would never say something like that.

  • Um.. he started dating someone and said he was heartbroken? I agree with the others, move on and forget about him. He's a jerk? How come you guys weren't dating?

    • Well, when I first met him, he loved me, but I only wanted to be friends at the time. He asked me out a couple times, but I declined. Then, after he gave up on me, I started to love him.

      Im talking about MADLY in love. But I guess he found new girls. So, I'm not sure what made him not want me anymore.

    • Maybe being turned down so much? That tends to be a crusher when you love someone. I'd just try to forget about him or if he really loves you, he'll be back.

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