Meeting up with ex to talk.

This guy and I broke up. Now we are meeting to have a chat about things.

At first he texts "this is what we were going to do before you said not to bother" then he texts "I have some stuff of yours I want to drop off." Then makes plans to see me.

What would this mean?


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  • Who knows what it means. Texts are not the best at conveying what is going on. Worse, you guys are in the messy throes of a break-up and all sorts of stuff can happen in a break-up. People can look like they are flat over with each other and then get back together. Other times, there is no doubt one person is completely over the deal.

    So, go meet and talk. But before that, strongly consider what it is you want. If you know the break-up is for the best even though you have feelings for him, then stick with that. If you feel like you two can work things out, well try to sell that to him and see what happens. Good luck!

  • it means it's over. he just wants some closure


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