Does my ex boyfriend miss me?

I haven't talked to my ex boyfriend in exactly a year since I broke up with him...and I was walking with my best friend and we walked by him and I was minding my own business when out of the blue he said " Hi Jessie!" I said hi back but then after I was like uhhh...okay? why is he all of a sudden saying hi...he's never said hi before he always just ignores me. It was so random, even mt friends think it's weird.


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  • Maybe he's just trying to be polite. Just because you're not going together anymore doesn't mean he has to be nasty to you unless your breakup was messy and full of anger.

    Miss you? Maybe. But face it. You're old news. It sounds like he doesn't hate you but it seems like the longer a time goes by after a break up the less likely it is that you'll get back together.

    He would have tried by now if that's what he wanted.

    I was so broken up when my ex girlfriend broke up with me. But I tried to stay polite. I still liked her. But I wasn't fool enough to think we'd ever get back together. She found some other guy and married him and the best I could do was sit on the sidelines and hope she was happy.

    She wasn't. I'm now married to someone else. For the better. She called out of the blue. My wife was insanely jealous. My ex told me how her husband was abusive and they broke up yadda yadda and all I could think was, "oh well" because she could have had me. She threw me away. I am not to blame. I missed her for quite some time after we broke up but I realized that we'd never be an item again.

    "I miss my ex - but my aim is getting better."


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  • Well two things could be happening here, it depends on how you broke up, he might want to go back out with you or maybe he was just being polite. If he keeps doing it then I would guess that he likes you again and maybe trying to reconcile. I guess it's up to you whether you take him up on it again or not.


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  • When I see my ex I don't speak to him. I just walk away as fast as possible. He hurt me it does not mean your ex wants you back. You dumped him. He probably found closure and found something better. It sounds like you want him

    • No I do not want him back at all! :s but if he found closer why is he talking to me I don't talk to him nor do I say hi...

    • Sweetie, if you did not want him back at ALL...You would not care as to why he spoke to you or not...Evidently you CARE

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