When you "gently" break up with a guy...

or after you were showing interest but your feelings changed so you start acting indifferent/uninterested/cold towards him because you don't want to confront him about it,

-would you rather that the guy gets the hint and moves on? or

-would it bother you if he wanted to talk about what happened or what he possibly did?

So basically asking if you'd rather the guy move on without caring or try to seek some closure for himself? This is all assuming you had a great time, no bad experiences, sweet and understanding guy.


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  • It obviously depends on the girl. Some will make it known that they don't want to have anything to do with you anymore therefore making it easier for you to back away without confronting her, However, generally speaking, girls want to talk and express themselves. Guys should be the first to know that girls looove talking about their feelings and all girls ever have wanted was for the guy to do the same. If nothing in the relationship went wrong as you say, and all you had were great memories than you better get an answer as to why she broke it off. You have a right to know!

    • Yes you're certainly right! however this question has more to do with after break up behavior than the actual break up, if that makes sense. As in there was the break up due to things being rushed, then taking things slow, then signs of interest and affection from her, then coldness. Which has made me completely confused and not knowing if I should ask her what happened or just it alone... what do you think?

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    • Yup currently in that stage, mostly have moved on sadly. Thanks for your answer!

    • Hope it helped :)

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  • id rather have the first one happen! but it depends on the girl.

  • i wouldn't mind either way

    • If he wanted to talk about what happened you wouldn't think something like "Oh, here we go with this..." or "Why can't he leave the past in the past?"?

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    • as I said in the first place no

    • k, thanks

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