What are we? Should I stay or should I go?

I have a long complicated history with a guy that goes back about four years. Without getting into much detail we've always seemed to struggle with exactly what our relationship is, we've tried to be friends and we've tried to be together but neither situation seems to work yet we can also never seem to stay away from each other for to long. We will go a few months without talking, and date other people, yet we always seem to find ourselves back around each other and in the same cycle of not being able to determine what we are. Recently, after another episode of not talking for a few months, we started hanging out again. Now I've never asked him about his relationships nor has he asked me about mine but I found out that he's attempting a relationship with another girl and I was so hurt by the thought that I asked him about it (yes, I'm well aware of the fact we're not together in any way). When I asked him he blew up on me about butting into his business, but a few days later when a friend of mine mentioned a guy that I had dated in front of him he blew up on me yet again about my own relationship, and actually made me feel guilty about my own dating past. Both instances hurt and are extremely confusing I don't know if he wants me or not. I need to know if I should make one final effort to be something official and serious with him or should I walk away for good?


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  • This sounds oh too familiar. To put it bluntly you need to decide what you want in a relationship and if he's not it, leave him alone completely. No we are just friends it doesn't work and anyone that says it does is fooling themselves. Speaking from someone who has been on the other end of a "we're just friends " relationship, it just hurts all that are involved. In my own opinion there are always unresolved feelings and trying to just be friends sets you upper for heartbreaking. I wish you luck.


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