Her stuff...My ex keeps cancelling...

My ex has asked me several times if she could come get her stuff and not in a round about "oh can I get my stuff sometime" but can I come over at xx time and get it? The thing is she keeps canceling with bad excuses or just not saying anything after bringing it up. There have been numerous occasions where I could easily have given them to her, but she's never asked. I'm not looking for a "just give it back to her" response. I'm curious what the heck is going on with her actions? If you want it back why wouldn't you just say can you bring it to me when were at such and such?


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  • It is only giving her a reason to remain in contact with you because she know that you have her stuff. If she really wanted to be done she would have gotten it by now. This only to keep a tie with you.

    • OK so I get that, but for what? Could she still have conflicting feelings or just keeping me around for a fall back? She broke up with me btw.

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    • Ok what I see says something about March. Is that it?

    • It was posted about 12hrs ago

      what you can see from the main page says

      So here is my story. I will cut some stuff out but it will be a long one.My ex and I started dated for about 5 months. It had been a while since I had been with anyone and she had not been with anyone seriously since her divorce about a year ago. Her ex was a little abusive, physically and..

      Geez there were some typos in there. lol

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  • i'd drop her stuff off at a local charity center or at least advise her that you will. you need to make a decision about all that excess baggage she's leaving you with. sorry to be so straight forward but I really loath people playing games with someone else. that is not a cool thing to do to anyone and you don't sound like the kinda person that would be so inconsiderate youself.


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  • It's a reason for contacting you, and it's a method of having some control over you. So maybe she's not over the break up. And she probably is confused.

    • Thanks. I'm not so keen on the control part, but what can ya do? I want her to at least be confused about it because then maybe there is a chance for reconciliation. So residual feelings are better than none I suppose.

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    • Well, She wasn't clear with me. She didn't really talk when she had the chance. She told me it wasn't my fault and she wanted to remain friends. After a while she started to say things she wasn't even sure of herself and started blaming me for certain things (which weren't really my, or anyone's fault). Basically, she was very confusing, and confused. She needed space, which was the one thing she was clear about, and the one thing I didn't give her. And actually I needed the space too.

    • I'm not saying we would've gotten back together even if I did give her space though.

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