Is he cheating on me or am i thinking too much?

His been acting a little differente. I asked if everthing is okay with our relationship. He said he is confused. Is he cheating? We have been together for 5 years. He works with a lot of females.


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  • don't jump to that conclusion yet. there could be so many factors

    • I am worry because he is acting distant. The ladies he works with calls him all the time. What does it mean that he is confused? I don't want to make assumption, just want to hear what others have to say. Thanks in advance.

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  • did he say what he was confused about? if he said he was just confused he could have been talking about anything

    • About our relationship. I'm scare to ask more. Don't want to assume or accuse him yet.

    • even if your afraid of what he might say you should still ask him I think if not you will keep thinking about it trust me I know its better to ask and get it out the way but if you don't ask then I don't know you will feel paranoid thinking is he cheating or not you know what I mean

  • Need to provide more info.. Hard to tell


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