Why is my ex wanting to talk to me? Is it something more?

My ex and I broke up 6 months ago, I was with him for 2 years. I had tried to get back with him for 3 months, on and off contact. I then stopped out of no where and stopped talking to him for 3 months. I would go out and party and ignore him. I would see him at these parties at times, but I didn't pay any attention. There was this one party that I was really buzzed and he arrived later, and I said hi. He said hi and we talked, he was telling me he still thinks about me and likes me. I was being playful and told him to kiss me, and he went for it but pulled away. I would have normally go and talk to him the next day but I said not going back down that road. Now he friend requested me on Facebook. We have been talking, but I'm confused. This is the third night but I wasn't going to talk to him unless he does. He sent me a message saying, "Hey loser, you still up?" (45 min ago) . Then another saying "I guess not lol" (25 min ago). He acts flirtatious in a way. He would as questions about my life, and tell me about his. He said what are you majoring again?. I said I'm studying to be an RN, he said oh yeah so you can fix me up, or your probably make it worse. He said Cold war kids sound better at night, and that was the band we would listen to when we were together. What is his deal? Confused .


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  • Your basically something better than nothing, he won't take you seriously unless you take yourself serious and by telling him, there's things best left alone ie you and him, he will just think of you as a booty call, so respect your talents and make sure he does to, good luck,x


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  • You should wait a little bit longer before answering him back...

    You'll see then if he's coming back for real or not, and what his plans are.

    And then choose if there fit yours or not ; ).


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