Time heals wounds...yeah right

ok, long story made short:

got dumped in April after a 10 month relationship. she treated me badly in the end. I've been told that time heals all wounds...but why don't I ever feel better?

I dream about her almost every night...I miss her smile...our talks...her smell...her body... even though she is an arrogant, self loving bitch, who is incapable of love...

why can't I forget?


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  • Because you haven't had closure? Most of the time when I get dumped, I never get over it. Only because I wasn't the one with the final decision...so every time I see that person I'm furious. I think maybe you still have feelings for her that weren't expressed and need to be. Sometimes talking to someone new [not jumping into a new relationship] just getting to know new people really helps heal those wounds. good luck [:

    • thanks...

      I tried talking to her, but she responded in a very evil way...

      she told me that I'm only an item in her eyes...an accessorie which is thrown away once not needed...

      I don't really know where to meet new people...especially cause I'm so depressed at the moment because of all this...

    • Online friends always help. I have met some of my best friends online [: you can even add me if you like, I have plenty of experience with bad break ups..they suck. But there is always a way of getting over those people.

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  • I had my first relationship and it toke me 3 months to get back up, but I felt sad on those months and my friends keep telling me move on find your self a better one there's a lot of fish in the water waiting to be catch.

    • its been 6 months for me and I'm still not feeling better...

    • Sorry to hear that man...like others said when its your first love its really hard to pull the strings out of agony...its not really easy to forget it, but seeing it falling apart is to much to bare the pain on your heart. you'll find your way to heal your self up. Guys & girls have different treatment in healing process aftermath of a break up.

    • she's not my first love...but it hurts a lot nonetheless...

      maybe the feeling is so intense, because she doesn't want to talk to me...

      it's as if I just can't cope with the whole thing, while not knowing the reason why she said the things she said...

  • Because not enough time has passed. Some people take longer than others. In the meantime, you should do something to make yourself feel better and build your confidence.

    It can literally be anything, just set a goal like saving a certain amount of money, going back to school, building something, whatever you see as achievable. You wouldn't believe what a confidence booster seeing a goal through is. Then you set bigger ones, and before you know it, you become completely set on bettering yourself, and relationships suddenly are not as important if at all. Its at that point, that you become the most valuable to a relationship, because you do not rely on it for self-value, everything you put into is genuine and has no self-serving agenda. I hope this helps.

  • Maybe your asking yourself the wrong question. It's not why you can't forget, it's if you WANT to forget.

  • If she's your first (true) love, it can take very very long. But did you talk at all with her? I mean, did you really listen and did she really tell her true feelings? And maybe the other way around? If she doesn't give you this chance she might not be worth it though. Did you give her any space after the break up?

    And what do you want? Do you want to get back together or do you want to forget about her?

    If you want to forget, focus on yourself. Try becoming a better person, explore some new things you've always wanted to do. Meet new people...

    • I wanted to talk to her...I even wrote a hand written letter. all she did was write me back on Facebook. she told me very evil things...it made me very sad... I don't want to get back with her...I only want to understand why she truly left. but she has never been good with telling how she feels. when I used to ask her how she felt, she used to either get angry or ignore my questions. feelings are a weakness, she once said... I live about an hour drive away from her, so yeah...she had enough space

    • I want to move on, but not by forgetting fully about her...I loved her and in some ways still do (dont know why...). I find, that once you loved someone, you must never forget about them. she was a part of my life. it's a difficult thing for me...

    • It's not only difficult for you, I've gone (am going through actually) the same. My ex is a bit kinder though but still. It's hard. But I find it very... refreshing to just focus on school and friends / family and try to read some books and checking out this site and commenting on other people's problems.

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