Messaging my ex, where is this going?

things ended between us about 2 weeks ago. I started messaging him again - just casual things nothing heartfelt or talking about feelings. Now we are catching up and he is telling me things going on in his life, but it is all very formal. I know he is insecure and I don't want to get back together with him but I would like to stay friends...I guess I would just like to see him again. Where to go from here?


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  • cake and eat it?

    I don't mean to offend... but I think your break up is way too fresh...that boyfriend/girlfrirnd feeling are over lapping with friendship clearly miss him but its not fair to either of you to stay in contact this soon after a break both need time to become your single selves again

    Im not saying yous can't be friends again, but just not for the forseeable future (Imo 1yr) or else it will get very messy when you of you sees the other with some1

    Its just not fair to either of yous

    YAa sure ya don't want him back, dig deep and think


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