Girl I asked out said maybe?

This girl in interested in liked this guy for over a year, and long story short, he ended up liking her back but took him too long to admit it (This other guy has a girlfriend right now but tells her stuff like he's gonna dump her for the girl I'm interested in). But I've known this girl for 2 weeks, I've treated her like my girlfriend, and I asked her out tonght but she says she's torn between me and him. I'd have to admit that I'm a lot better looking then this other guy, but does knowing someone for a lot longer play into her decision? what can I do to help my chances?


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  • Just keep being there for her.. Sow her your better. And if he is gonna dump her for the girl you like what's going to stop him from looking at girls ( if he's with the girl you like) or do the same thing to her..

    • Thank you for the best answer.. And the girl under mine has some good suggestions also..

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    • I hope all goes well for you.. If not there will be others. And if she can't see you for you, then she's not worth your time..

    • I really can't believe she said no... I'm done for this year. :/

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  • Its not that she's known him for a lot longer, its that she has had feelings for him for awhile. That means that she has a lot of built up feelings for him. I think that you should still try to talk to her, be there for her. But don't wait forever. If in 2 weeks she hasn't made up her mind then you need to tell her that you like her but that you are no longer going to wait around for her but that you will be there for her if she realizes she likes you. Its not fair to yourself to stay around in a situation like this. Chances are you'll just gain more feelings for her then be let down in the end. You shouldn't settle for second best or have to share someone you have feelings for. Honestly if this guy hasn't dumped his girlfriend yet then he wont, at least not for this girl. If he really cared about this girl then he would have been with her instead of making her wait so long for him. But you shouldn't go and bash him to her, that won't help your chances.


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