Why is my ex doing this when he is seeing another girl?

long story short: I freaked out on this guy I was dating because he was non commital and was talking to a girl who was a friend but who he had slept with. I think they dated very casually for a year or were fwb. we break up, been in very short brief contact. we agreed to meet up. I asked him. he said he could but I hesitated and took a really long time to get back to him. he flakes off. a week later he reappears and says we should hang out soon. I then, see on Facebook he's re added that "friend" on Facebook and she posted some innuendos on his wall, territorial pissing pretty much. we had agreed to meet up soon. I said I would let him know next week. if he is seeing his ex why is he contacting me and why is he letting me know he is seeing her. it makes no sense. why bother? we weren't friends before we dated.

is he trying to make me jealous? is he trying to tell me he's moved on? or is he trying to date both of us at the same time?

the innuendos were about "being back together" but I'm pretty sure they're not GF/BF. that much I know.
we've been broken up for five weeks. no contact never happened.


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  • Innuendos on FB is no big deal. But, if they truly are BF/GF then stay away I say. But, worse case he wants to be a player and have 2 women.

    Good Luck,

    • We broke up a month and a half ago. I kept on breaking up with him. like three times in a week. then I just freaked out. well, he knows I won't have it. I freaked out on him because I was jealous. you think I'm going to date him while he f***s another girl...makes no sense.

    • then why bother responding at all, the lingering messages, if he's dating another girl already? this is obviously bothering me. maybe I should just cut him off. well, I broke up with him or rather forced the break up by going all jealous.

    • Some people don't want to let go of a good thing sometimes and will try to keep all roads open for anything. But, if this happens a lot and it sounds like it does then I would walk away from it. A relationship that is based on anger is never good. At least take a break and get centered again.

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  • He is trying to date both I think as long as he is contacting you and you never show up or haven't yet. Because, he is trying to talk to you and wants to hang out knowing he is with another. That is If... it is he--that is trying to talk to you. If you are trying to talk to him and he never gets with you then he moved on. The only way I can see if he were to try and make you jealous is to not go around you and then rub it in your face that is dating another.

    • well, he seems enthusiastic about hanging out. I just don't want to bother even entering back into this mess, if he isn't interested at all.

    • I was the one who initiated the hanging out and the speaking because it was my fault the break up happened.

  • I am reading we agree to met up and then he goes away and reappears and then says we should hang out. Innuendos don't really mean anything unless its about they are back together. If they are talking like they are then they are.

    Who started the back and forth between arranging to meet up?

    • it wasn't them or him. it was her and her friend talking on HIS wall, saying THEY (her and her friend) were back together meeting up that night. I read it as some weird girl double speak, like him and her were back together.

  • Thnik what you could have accomplished just in the time it took to write this question, let alone all the time wondering, setting times to meet up, exchanging e mails...reading his Facebook account...and so on.

    Drop him once and for all.

    • i know. I feel bad about how things ended.i think I just want some closure. we never talked about what happened.

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