Guys, if you misjudged her, would you give her a chance?

If you liked this girl and she liked you back too, but however you guys werent friends & didn't talk much. But you always knew she liked you because it was exposed that she liked you & she didn't denied it. Though she was shy & only later after you told your friends to tell her that you like her did she know.

Things seem great with the attraction signs to one another, but still no communication. Then it seemed the guy didn't want her anymore so the girl made the mistake of pursing which made her look desperate. When she would ignore him or not do anything was when he pursued her. Things got awkward & confusing for both. There was even a time where he seemed to think she was a stalker, but she's not a stalker.

After she realized her mistake, she didn't want anything to do with him, cut off all ties with him, all contact info such as myspace, faceback, msn, tried to avoid him anywhere. She doesn't know where he lives, has never been there, doesn't even go to where he would possibly hang out and whatnot. she just trying to move on with her life and focus on herself.

would you ever give her a chance again? or apologize for thinking of her like that?

*she was shy and would use social networks to try to talk to him and it seemed like he didn't want to talk to her. Though in person, he looked like he loved her and wanted to talk to her whenever she was around, but she was too shy to approach him.


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  • If I liked her sure I would give her a chance. Would I apologize? I don't think he should because if she made all those moves and I took them wrong well that was just something that happened because of the fact. But, I think the guy should make the move first. This women should not approach him at all. Because, if he didn't want her then--then he may not want her now. But, its for him to decide. So if someone said.. hey that guy likes you. Then you say well tell him to make the move first. Because, if you approach him and he is still the she is a stalker thing this will only make it worse.

    Good Luck,


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  • Its not the case of if he misjudged her would he give her another chance, its would she give him another chance for misjudging her before knowing her, in this case, NO I wouldnt.

  • Yeah of course, I would have given her a chance!


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