Will we ever be friends again? Even if he's ignoring me? :(

I not too long ago broke up with my ex, he was my first kiss and boyfriend also.

The reason I ended it was because of a few factors like:





-Social Habits (such as partying and calling me drunk, and looking at other girls

-And I got a bit crazy (too much hormones thanks to the pill made me go over the edge) I was so embarrassed

Well on the day we ended it we agreed to be friends, we even shook on it as lame as it sounds. Well we didn't really speak for a few days after, and I began to miss a hell of a lot so I wanted to talk to him so we agreed to meet up one day but he "forgot" he didn't answer and I waited for him like about 2 hours and he never showed up :(

But I forgave it and he even left me a message "apologizing" and saying to call him if I want which I did and proposed we try again and he said "you aren't the only one who wanted to end it, it's just not in the cards right now" and I just said peace and we hung up, oh devastation.

But later that night he called around 12 am to apologize for it not being in person and for not showing up, he sounded a bit distraught but I told him it was fine and that I forgave him. Well we haven't talked since and he's ignoring my existence, so much for being friends?

Do you think he will ever stop ignoring me?

I mean it's not like I didn't tell him my intentions, I still want o be his friend but he's giving me the cold shoulder, I even apologized (a guy friend told me sometimes all a guy wants is an apology) and I forgave him when he apologized in a none menacing tone.

I am giving him space and not giving in to calling him or anything anymore.

He just won't talk to me, it's vexing. :[


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  • yeah. he might. but these whole friends after relationships thing is hard. you guys have to talk about what you want...

    • We did, he even told me before he dated that if he were to break up he'd want a normal ex who wouldn't attack him (his last ex did I guess but he is still he friend) and someone he could still talk to and be friends with which I completely agreed with. I am even giving him space and not playing along (if he's playing games that is), I don't understand, even his friends ignore me, it's not like I cheated on him I clearly told him why I wanted to break up :(

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    • not necesarily. you broke up. and that changes things. he might not think you two can be friends, or maybe he thinks he's better off forgeting. who knows.

    • That depends, Maybe he didn't want to take anothr chance, Because he didn't see it working out anyhow? or.. Not wanting to get hurt, But if you let him down easy.. Than I don't know exactly what his problem is.

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  • He probably just doesn't know what he wants, But it seems like: He felt guilty so he called you, so you had to be on his mind. But if he actually likes you he will come back sooner or later. I know this because something like this happened, Not tryig to be a downer, but just give him his space, and wait for him to talk to you, Sorry!

    • I am giving him all the space in the world, I am even being friendly but I don't know his deal :(

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    • I did cared, the reason I broke up was because I also cared for myself, you don't understand the pain and confusion that relationship put me through.

    • Yes, You make a good point, All I can say is that.. Maybe it wasn't meant fo you guys to be friends, And jut keep your head up..

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