What does cute mean?

So one of my x's and I started talking to me again, we text every day and when we are not texting each other we are skyping, he contacts me as much as I contact him, and gives me compliments like you are cute and stuff like that. We had a bad break up but he seems to have really matured. We are going to hang out this up coming Friday.

the other day he said "I know you like me, and I think it is so funny and cute"

like what does that mean?

Does he like me again?


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  • He finds it attractive that you like him. He's pretty much saying that he likes you idea that you like him. If he didn't like you then I don't think he would be talking to you as much and skyping with you as much. If he didn't like you then chances are he wouldn't be putting so much time into the situation. If you're unsure still then you should ask him. You deserve to know because it sounds like you're putting yourself into a situation that may hurt you if it goes the wrong way.


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  • It means that he can see your true beauty now and feels the exactly same way as you feel the way for him. That's why he finds it 'cute' becase he can reconise the way you act in his own ways...


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  • Cute as in adorable... Like the way people say how little children are cute.. except that he is referring to you as an attractive cute rather than adorable little kid cute.



    Attractive in a pretty or endearing way.

    Sexually attractive.

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