The girl I'm in love with is unable to get over her ex. How can I help her?

We are very close and we speak to each other all the time. We like each other a lot. She says that she is not over her ex. Her ex does not even try and keep in contact with her. Even when she calls him, he ignores her. He keeps saying that he's busy. A day or two is fine. But he's "busy" for over 6 months. Does it sound like a person who still likes her? No, right? And She still likes him. Due to this, I'm getting nowhere with her. I need some help. I need to help her stop thinking about him and help her get over him.

P.S - She knows that I have feelings for her.


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  • Well, I had a sort-like-dilema :) once... Because we created a certain type of bond whit a person means that letting go will do us no good.. that's why we try to cling on the last remains in the hope they will give in and return the love the once had, but the truth is this shall never happen, because there was a reason why the two of them broke up in the first place. My advice: You can do nothing but listen to her, listen to her that she misses him and what they had, try to understand why she still is hanging on the cut-rope, and when you understand and had the time to talk about thoses things you must be there for her as a good friends as you are now! Be there for her, she needs you! After a while when her thoughts about that other guy are passed by because she will notice that it hasn't had any result then she will find out that you where the one who was the whole time by her side, without taking any advantage of her when she was weak. really man, it works. BE THERE FOR HER! AND HAVE PATIENT!


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  • Move on. Wasting your time, mate. She's chasing another guy like a lost puppy. You're a fool for sticking around at this point. Leave her be until she focuses on you.

  • No, what you need to do is maybe give her time to get over him. Love doesn't just go away because a person meets someone else. You made a crucial mistake by letting your heart have feelings for someone that's in love with someone else, c'mon man. If I was you I wouldn't give up on her but I would distant myself from her to give her time to heal. Ask yourself this would " would I want to be with someone that would drop me in a secound if someone else gave them the time I'm giving them". Probably not, right?


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