Why did he do this when he knows I like him?

okkayy so the guy I like told me he liked me a few days ago and we were supposed to hang out today but then this morning he's like I need tell you something and I'm like yeahh and he's like I'm still in love with my ex (theyve been on and off for 2 years) and I'm like oh wow... I'm sorry and he's like yeahh I just think what were doing is wrong and I'm like I understand... and then I'm like why do you keep going back if it hasn't worked out for 2 years and he's like Because I still have feelings for her and I'm like okayy than

idkk what to do Because he knows how I feel for him and then he just hurt me idkk what to do to get him back


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  • I's tough especially around that age it's hard to let go of past relationships. I don't think he wanted to hurt you, at least he told you know and not after going out for a while. This part your not gonna like, you can't really get him back and even if you did something that made him go to you too soon he would still have feeling for her. You don't ever wanna be in a relationship where a guy isn't giving his all it's just gonna be even more painful eventually. You just have to wait it out or move on.


What Girls Said 1

  • give it some time. maybe tell him to figure his sh*t out with his ex because if he wants to be with you, he needs to be with YOU. (ahaha but not so harsh).


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