Ex-Boyfriend troubles.

My previous boyfriend of 10 months had a bad break up. we quit talking for a long time. we recently started talking again. He has a girlfriend of almost a year and swears he loves her but he flirts with me like crazy. He's always telling me I should go to his house and stay the night with me and that he could make me a very happy girl but when he is with his girlfriend, he doesn't talk to me at all. I can't help but miss him but he's throwing out mixed signals. Help!


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  • Tell him to take a hike! He's a player. Let him know as long as he has a girlfriend, you aren't messing with that. I tell ya, some men are just...

  • you should steer clear away from this dude becasue he wants the best of both worlds, he clearly knows you still like him so he's doing all he can to get sex from you He only sees you as a potential sex partner. don't waste your time on him,. if he is a nice person, he will disconnect and not communicate until you arehealed especialy if he knows you're stil into him, he is not throwing out mixed signals, he is wanting to play you. so don't reply to him and don't contact him anymore. he is not worth it there's plenty of guys out there believe me!


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