We were first best friends now dating. How do I break up with him without ruining our friendship?

we have had sex have been dating for 4 months but had somewhat of a thing before. we have been best friends for 2 1/2 years but I don't wanna waste that time I wanna stay friends. how do I break up with him without him being upset and not to get jealous if I date someone else.


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  • Only in rare and special cases will a guy not get upset or hurt from a break up, regardless of history. There's no secret combination of words to make it easier, just tell him gently but clearly. Emphasis on clearly letting him know how you feel, you don't want to continue leading him on. If you are sincere in maintaining your friendship, it'll be difficult, mostly from your emotional past and not being to control how he reacts and feels, just be understanding, give him time and space if needed, continue to be there for him. But again, it'll be rough always and it takes a great guy to handle it well.


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  • I went through kinda the same situation, and it ruined us :\

    There's never really a good way to break up with someone, but I think if you tell him how you really feel about everything, in time you might be able to stay friends. Not how it was before, but close to it.

  • Wow. I don't think you can ever go back to being just friends. I mean you may be lucky, but this is seriously going to shatter his heart. He is either going to be mad or sad about this "friendship" thing. I'm just stating the honest truth.

    You may be one of those very lucky people were the guy will actually be able to stuff his feelings inside and not let them bubble over but honestly.. It's going to be hard just to remain friends without their being some mixed or sad feelings involved.

    Good luck.


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