What causes girls to lie and cheat?

I haven't had this happen to me but I've been wondering about this...

My best friend just said he broke up with his girl because she cheated on him.

What are the main reasons why you would cheat (for girls), and guys what were the reasons you got from girls?


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  • No there's no valid reason for cheating, how could there be when you could break up with the person so easily then go have sex or try to work out the problems verbally with you significant other. However it happens for lots of reasons-




    The thrill

    You still want to be with the person you just want to get better sex or a hot boy toy

    Cause you feel like it

    It's sad but it happens. However any girl worth having wouldn't even dream of cheating so I guess him finding out was firth best, though it may hurt.


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  • lack of interest lack of attention lack of sex guys an a hole or another guy comes around and says all the right things sweeps her off her feet from all my friends that seems to be main reasons number one reason would prob be he's cheated or she's convinced he is. in the end the only real reason is not having the balls to say this relationship is over and its time to end it

  • I have never cheated, but some reasons would probably be: The guy I'm with at the time pissed me off so I would go off with someone else lol, having my own personal problems and I just wanna escape from it for a little bit, I see a guy that's really attractive and I just can't help myself, or I'm drunk. loool that sounds so bad, but It could happen! unfortunately...

    • See there are so many reasons and non are really valid. Wouldn't it be better to break up with the person

    • yes it would. just stay single. I feel like its better off that way because then you don't get hurt.

  • If I ever did cheat on a guy (which I haven't) it would be because I was simply not into him like the guy I cheated with.


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