Guys, why do you keep in contact with your ex?

why would my ex keep contact after a 6 month break up? 3 months nc. I dnt think its a booty call Because I had suggested it and nothing, and its hard for us to be alone. we have been talking tells me a lot about what is going on. He is still single. He has been the one to contact me twice. I think he flirts because I said I look good in anything and he said you sure do. we talk bout the pass. its weird the first time we tried friends he was so mean.


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  • He was still in love with you when you tried to be friends the first time. It was difficult and painful. I'd try to give it another chance but be wary that he might disappear again. Sometimes guys don't know that they are over a girl unless certain things happen. For me it was receiving a hug from my ex. We both could tell there was nothing there anymore.


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