I just can't seem to cope with my anger I have for this girl...?

There is this girl that I know from work, we used to be friends of some sort and I really started to like her. Eventually I came out for my feelings towards her but she let me down and laughed in my face at the same time! She couldn't go out with me because of her situation with her boyfriend (before that I asked her a few times how they were doing and she just tried to wimp me of). I just couldn't accept the fact that I was rejected and used at the same time. She used me to get attention, to have someone to talk to at work (talking about other stuff except work). She told me that we were a lot alike and soul mates, ... She gave me the feeling she really liked me for who I was. But it was strange that she never took initiative to talk to me, to call me, to text me just to see how I was doing, I was the one making every single move towards her. I just can't stand her in my presence! If she would ever come to me and ask me how I am, I'm just going to explode to her! What can I do to get rid of her! I want her out of my life, but I see her every single day! I really mean it, she broke my heart and made me carry hatred and anger towards her for what she has done.


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  • maybe you should try to forgive her for your own well being, or you could find a new job. If you find a girlfriend you'll probalby forget all about your anger towards this girl. good luck, and try not to let her get to you. when other people get you angry, they are controlling how you feel. don't let anyone control how you feel.


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