Want to reconcile but had drunk sex with him! Oh no! Did I blow it?

My ex boyfriend and I have broken up for about 6 weeks. I had previously a few weeks ago asked if he wanted t get together for coffee and he said he didn't think it was a good idea "right now." So, Saturday there was a concert I wanted to go to and I know he likes these people too so I asked if he wanted to go. He agreed. We had a lot of fun and unfortunately ended up having sex. The whole night I acted nonchalant and I had already told him I wasn't trying to get back together. Just have fun. Did the sex ruin it, or is it possible me no longer putting pressure on him might have helped? He's one of those guys who really needs space to figure his things out which was why it seemed like a good sign he agreed to hang out...he texted me a bit the next morning which was very surprising because up until now he has ignored my occ attempts at contact. But my plan is NC from me from here on out. Any thoughts on this? I def don't want him thinking that since we had sex I'm gonna be all attached and start contacting him all the time.


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  • I don't think you blowed it. I think that if you and him hang out that he is going to expect you and him to have sex. I think he could had looked at it like a booty call. And that is he reason for not contacting you. Give it soe time to see if he contacts you back. If not then move on from the ex. Being friends with an ex is always a bad idea because old feelings and emotions come back.

    • well, he did contact me the next day, but I'm thinking that's just because he didn't want to look like an ass. I suppose me keeping no contact would be best. I'm sure he's thinking I was going to start going crazy and chasing him after this incident, so it might kind of turn the tables on him

    • I agree with you maybe he thought you was going to start chasing him and pursuing him. And you should try to turn the tables on him. I think do what makes you feel good. If you can try to help not contacting him then that's good. If not then try to keep it as a friend thing if possible. But that is always hard to do with the ex.

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  • I'm I'n same situation add me let's talk and try help each other

    • I added you. Weird, a guy responded earlier but now its been deleted. lol.

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