We are broken up and I am backing out on this trip?

My ex and I planned to go on a trip while we were together with a group of friends. This was suppose to be a friendly break up and I still intended on going on the trip and paying for the remainder of the room (which is due next month). But he continues arguing with me and telling me "after this trip, I am done with you!"...I feel like I should NOT be going on a trip with him if he wants to be "done" with me afterward and we are not going to have fun it's just going to be awkward. He still wants me to pay for the rest of the trip, but I refused because I feel like he's only using me for this trip now. Am I wrong? How can we compromise?


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  • Back out! If not for your sake but your friends. If you've ever watched Jersey Shore - Sammi and Ron...


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  • why would you even consider going after he told you that? you're not wrong in refusing to go...and in some situations, compromise is for the weak.


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  • Back out. Tell him to find someone else to go with and they can pay for it. He is acting like a douche bag. Plus, the trip will be ruined for everyone if you go because obviously he is going to start a bunch of drama.