Why would an ex boyfriend send a large amount of money to his ex through a third party?

So, my ex boyfriend dumped me two weeks ago. He packed up his furniture and belongings and moved out while I was at work, and left the apartment key

on a used kitchen table with a note saying :"Call you later".

Several days later, our mutual religious adviser called me and said that he had left a sum of money for me at church and to pick it up when I could do so.

I picked up the money a few days later and the package contained $300. No note.

His behavior made no sense to me. Perhaps he was simply being nice, but he's by no means financially stable and $300 to him is a whole lot

of money. It's also not half of the rent on the apartment we shared either. He did not owe me any money.

I'd call him and thank him for his generosity, but he stated when he called and formally broke up with me that he didn't ever want to hear

from me again. The entire situation is puzzling to me, and I'm tempted to return the money to him, most likely through our religious adviser.

Any reasons why an Ex would give the girl he dumped such a sum of money?

I'm curious, simply because it doesn't jibe with the man who never wanted to hear from me again and had no interest in remaining friends.


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  • Babe just except it, maybe he wants to feel like he did his part for the rent. Maybe he doesn't want to leave you without helping you. Remember people say things when they are mad that they mean at that time, doesn't mean he will allways feel that way. So just except it, that's part of being a man, helping a woman that you love!


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